Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday gift for a Princess

My niece had a birthday a little while back, and I made her a crayon roll to go with a coloring book. I've been really trying hard to make handmade gifts for birthday parties this year. I guess that the coloring book isn't handmade, but we will just look the other way on that one, because there is no way any child would want to color in my drawings lol. I found some really cute princess crayons that I thought would be very fitting for a little princess to color with as well.
I saw a crayon roll made by someone else on the web, forgive me I can't remember who :( But she hid the seam lines and I just love the way it looks. So shamelessly I copied, I admit it. Genius whoever she is cuz it makes it look so finished and beautiful.
I love making these, they are so fun, and easy too. Perfect to take with you anywhere to keep little hands busy.

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j said...

Cheryl, cute stuff. You should go on our blog and check out Braun and Tara. She does all kinds of stuff like this has giveaways and stuff too. Good talking to ya today a little.