Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ribbons and Bows

A friend invited me over the other day to make bows. I was excited because I have looked at lots of stuff on the internet about how to make your own bows, however I'm a visual learner and it helps me out a ton to see things done right in front of me. It was lots of fun to get out and visit with other women, while making some cute little bows for my girls hair. Here is what I got accomplished.
My oldest is really into blue right now, so I thought these would be very fitting for her. No girly pink, but a pattern that still gives it femininity.
Then I had some fun creating this cute butterfly. It had a learning curve that took a little time to figure out, but once I got that it wasn't so bad. I really wanna make some adorable little ladybugs, but I need to source out some red ribbon with black polka dots. Anyone have any suggestions of online sources for some inexpensive ribbon?

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