Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Hoot

I have a friend who likes owls. We were going to get together and so I thought I would make her a little something special. You see, she lives very far away, so I thought she would like a little owl to keep her company :) He was fairly easy to make and so cute if I say so myself.
After I made him however, my girls started asking me if I could make them all sorts of little animals. I can tell it's going to be a long summer. LOL


Shelley said...

He's sooo cute! Owls are the best - I found a cute stuffed one on a blog I'm gonna try... we'll see how that goes though with no pattern.

Christal said...

You are so talented i love it its so dang cute!! Thank you so so much for dinner you came at the perfect time and supper was to die for perfect seriously so good I need the recipe!! Thanks for the pod too so comfy and the music love it you are so thoughtful!! I miss you over here too!! ttys

Kay said...

OK, this Owl is adorable! I LOVE the bug clips! How can I order?! Wish I lived closer to you! It was so great to see you! We have been so busy this is the first time I have had to check blogs in weeks! LOVE the owl and the clips! Tooo cute!