Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flowers on the Brain

It is my oldest daughter's 7th birthday on June 13th. I have decided to go with a garden party theme. Now I'm trying to think of all the details to make it the "perfect" birthday party. Cuz that's what we do right? Go all super mom crazy trying to throw our kids the best birthday's ever.......Or maybe this is just me, hmmm. Anyways, it should be fun and different from princesses, which I think I will just have to die rather than throw another princess party. She's turning 7, she should be over princesses by now right? I sure hope so. I will post some pictures of some of the decorations after the party. In the mean time, I am open to any suggestions you may have regarding the decorations, or games and all that good stuff. ;)
For now I leave you with a flowery card. And I do hope you have a wonderful day.

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TinaLaRae said...

Garden party eh? Well you could always have them make flowers or plant a flower/seed. maybe paint a flower pot too. Sounds like a picnic outside might be appropriate with sandwiches cut out like flowers or bugs. When I think of a garden party I also think of big sun hats? Not sure why, but I do. You are so crafty! I love looking at all your creations!