Monday, February 9, 2009

Crocheted Valentine

Today I have a Valetine Project for you. I wanted to make my daughter a beanie cap with a brim. I think these are just adorable, and I have a little girl who loves all things pink. I made this last night while she was asleep so I didn't really get the size perfect. It's all good as far as i'm concerned though, because I wanted it to cover her ears, and it will fit her for years to come.
Top View
She isn't the most excited person when having her photo taken. She's always making crazy faces, so this is her "just hold still" face.

Side View

I was sick yesterday so as I was laying on the couch I made two of these to go in the girls hair for church. I attached it to one of those small goody snap clips. (Not sure what the correct name is lol) These are quick and so easy to make, and it uses up any leftover scrap yarn you may have lying around.

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Shelley said...

That beanie is the cutest!! There's a skill I need to learn...