Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Countdown and a tutorial

Today I have a tutorial for you making a heart using eyelets. I got the inspiration for this card from the Jan/Feb issue of Papercrafts Magazine. First I drew a heart on my cardstock and arranged my eyelets on the heart how I wanted them to look. I was sitting there thinking....."this is great my eyelets are all set out, now how am I going to remember where on earth they go after I've punched holes". Well I decided to take my paper piercer and pokes holes inside the eyelets as they sat with a varying pattern per eyelet. I poked three little holes for the flower eyelets, two for the stars and small, medium and large holes for the different shades of regular eyelets. I hope i'm making sense. Take a look at the picture and you should be able to see what i'm talking about.
Erase your heart guide with a white eraser. Then I started with one style of eyelets at a time. I made the holes for the stars and then set them. Then I made the holes for the flowers and set them, and so on.
Now I have all my eyelets set in the exact place that I wanted them to be.

Here is my finished card. I feathered the edges with some red ink and a sponge. Added some ribbon, and some rub-ons for the sentiment and accent. There you have it, a cute eyelet heart card worthy of much praise from the recipient.

I am going to be posting a card a day counting down to Valentine's Day. I hope it will give you some inspiration for your own Valentine cards. So check back each day to see the new card.

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