Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year....A New Chapter

As 2008 is now behind us and 2009 is just beginning, a new chapter has emerged in my life. Over the past about 4 months I have really grown and learned so many new things. I wanted to share them all with you, but my blog Ink and Paper was mostly dedicated to papercrafts, and my family blog is private, leaving me with no logical place to share these fun creations. So I've decided to start a new blog where I can combine things and simplify my life a little. I have been researching selling some of my creations online as well, but for now this blog will also serve that purpose. I will post pictures of the items i'm selling on the sidebar, and will do custom orders for now until I can get a website up and running. I'm excited to take a new step, and a little hesitant at the same time. I will continue to post the paper creations I make on here and the labels will help to sort my creations making it easier to find inspiration. I hope you will join me on this crazy journey, it's bound to be a fun ride.


Kay said...

AHHH! I am so excited for you! Good for you! I can't wait to see what this brings! I wish you the very best success, always! You are too talented not to do this!

Tisha said...

So Excited!!