Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simple Bow Holder

I made this really simple bow holder the other day. I've seen really cute bow holder boards where they put material and ribbons on a board so you can have tons of bows organized. I wanted to do that, but in an effort to thwart my perfectionism, I decided to make something simple and easy for right now. My girls don't have a ton of bows 'yet', oh yea they need hair first before they can have tons of bows. That is another story all in it's own. make this I took a 2 inch wide piece of organdy ribbon that i've been moving around on my desk forever, because i'm gonna use it for something, someday. Wow I'm revealing a lot of character flaws today...yes packrat is one of them. Back to the directions, I double folded the bottom, tried a new fun stitch on my sewing machine, and sewed it up. I then attached a photo hanger (CTMH out of my scrapbook stash) to the top of the ribbon, folding it and putting the brad through the ribbon so it is secure. Tied some pink ribbon (yet another piece that has been floating around) to the top to finish it off nicely and yer done. Add your bows, clips, and what-nots. I hung it with a push pin on their wall and now they can't tell me they don't know where such-and-such bow is.
Just a side note - I had to delete this post and re-post it because some person posted a spam comment. Lame, eh!! So from now on I guess I will have to approve comments before they get posted. Don't people have better things to do with their time, I mean really.

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