Monday, January 26, 2009

V-Day is coming

I don't always decorate my house for every little holiday that comes up. Now the reasoning behind this is that first I have little kids and keeping their little fingers off my decorations is a tough thing to do. There is a part of me deep down that has "Martha" screaming to be let out. I had to figure out a way to allow my creativity to come out in a fashion that didn't cause me a lot of stress if little fingers were to get ahold of my creations. So today I have a simple decoration to share with you that won't have you leaping off your chair when your toddler crawls up on the table with that mischievous grin on his face, eyes aglow as he reaches for your centerpiece.

Felt stuffed hearts, not really that spectacular I know.......BUT if I were to make something spectacular, i'm sure I wouldn't want the kids to touch it. These are so easy to make, anyone could do it. I cut out two pieces of felt using a cardboard template. Then using embroidery floss I stitched the edges together, pausing when there is an inch opening left to stitch. Stuff them with some fiberfill and finish stitching it closed. These are cute, and fun and could be used many ways to decorate with. You could string them up together like a banner, hang them from some ribbon in random places in your home, the possibilities are endless. There's still time for you to make some......I would love to see what you come up with and how you choose to decorate with them.

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